Overfishing in Australia

Do Australians even Care?

Do Australians care about sustainable fishing?

According to a survey taken from APC students, 68.95% of students consume fish as a regular part of their diet. The survey was conducted to see whether or not these students are aware of where their fish is coming from and if they care if it is sustainable or not.

A survey was conducted asking Australians if they purchase sustainably caught fish, or if they are even aware of what sustainable fishing is. The results from the survey show that 70% of people were aware that overfishing is a big issue in Australia but only 11% of the people asked their supplier if the fish that they are buying is sustainably caught.

Research has shown that super trawlers are taking fish at rates too high for the marine life to reproduce.

Do People Care About Overfishing? - graph

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Question 1 = Are you aware of the issue of overfishing in Australia?

Question 2 = Do you consume fish as a regular part of your diet?

Question 3= When you buy fish do you ask if it was sustainably caught?

Question 4= Do you know what sustainable fishing is?

Question 5 = Would you go to the trouble of trying to find sustainably caught fish?

Many people are aware that overfishing is an issue but people are not educated on what overfishing really is, or what is causing overfishing to become a problem. Only 61% of the people questioned know what sustainable is. That means that just under half of the people surveyed have not been properly educated on the issue and the effects.

People need to be informed on the cause and effect of overfishing. Awareness needs to be spread and overfishing needs to be stopped.