They Call Me Mr. T

A Short Introduction

Where to begin...

Hello, my name is John Tearse. Originally from Iowa City, Iowa, currently, I live in Madrid, Spain, and have been living here since October 2011. My studies were in Spanish Language and Culture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (On Wisconsin!) are what initially brought me here with the goal of improving my language skills. I've stayed because I've really enjoyed the life that's found here in the Spain's capital city.
Most of my time this year is split between teaching English at Colegio San Javier and Bilingual Education classes at Rey Juan Carlos University in Vicalvaro. However, when I'm not in class, I enjoy spending time with friends, watching a good football match (Hala Madrid!), or traveling around Spain and Europe with whatever cash I can scrap together. If I could do anything for a living, I'd travel the world and learn as many languages as possible in the process. Communicating in a language other than your maternal tongue and the process in which it's done has always been fascinating to me. I think it's something that everyone should enjoy at least once in their lives, and is really the driving force behind my stay here in Spain. Where I'll go next is anyone's guess!