cyber bullying

nathan madrid


cyber bulling : cyber bulling is a problem to young teens becuase they are being bullied and they are killing them selves . They also are spreading rumours that arent even true about the kids or they are but their personal about them and they are sad and they are emotional.


Ways to fix and stop CYBERBULLYING

ways to stop it

  • becareful what the kids are doing online
  • make sure they dont bully on internet anymore
  • make sure they dont try killing themselfes

ways to fix the problem

  1. make sure they are the propper age to use the internet
  2. make sure they are using the internet appropiately
  3. make sure they dont make fun of others that are depressed

why we havent fixed it

we havent fixed it becuase people are disobeying and they dont listen to the people and they dont care what happens to the other people