The Stevens Selection

January 8, 2016

This Week's Learning...

Daily Jefferson Union

In quarter two our 4th grade classes have been spending certain Fridays focusing on current events. For our last current event lesson Chris Spangler and Alexa Zoellner, from the Daily Jefferson Union, came in to speak with our students about what it is like to be a reporter. See a picture of their visit below!

Reader's & Writer's Workshop

Reader's Workshop

Students have been analyzing historical fiction letters written between Abraham Lincoln and Lettie, a slave girl. Their understanding of the Civil War and slavery has grown immensely.

Writer's Workshop

On Friday we finished publishing our Argumentative Emails trying to persuade our reader that either the Civil War or the Revolutionary War was the greatest event in American history.

**Ask your student...What are the positive outcomes of your topic?

Science & Social Studies


Students have been working together in their science groups to create electromagnets. See the picture below of the students trying to construct their electromagnets!

Social Studies

The map tests are officially completed! Thank you for helping your child prepare for these tests to better help their understanding of geography. These tests will be completed again in quarter 4.

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Be Connected to Our Classroom!

Science Fair Project

Over break your child completed their science fair draft detailing what their project will be about. The final project is due on Thursday, February 4th.

To access resources like the presentation on what the science fair is, a to-do list for the project, and the rubric I will be using to grade the projects click the link below.

Important Dates to Remember

January 12th - Geography Bee

January 15th - No School (Records Day)

January 21st - Board of Education Meeting 7:00PM - Luther Elementary

January 29th - Report Cards Sent Home

February 4th - Science Fair Projects Due