What do you think about Music? Is It Good Or Bad?

Why I Chose This Topic (Explanation Of Topic)

I chose this topic because I Think It's Interesting how music can be both good and bad for you. I don't really know anything about this topic, but I just hope to gain more knowledge on this topic. I hope that others will learn something from this topic too and know that music isn't always good for you.

Basic Info About Me

Hey, my name Is Chantel Hunter I Am a sophmore at F.L Schlagle high school. Some things I enjoy are skating at the skating rink as well as eating out. I love listening to music anywhere I go. I also like going to see a movie every once in a while, especially ones that are comedies. I love drawing and painting stuff. I like staying to myself, I don't like messing with people too much.

Future Steps

What I plan to do for my future steps are I guess do more research. Further research that I think needs to be done maybe on how the brain reacts when you try to listen to music and do other stuff like study at the same time.
Music : Does it help or does it distract you?