Florida Vacationing

Spencer Bauman

Come join us!

Florida is an amazing state that contains a lot of historical sites, delicious restaurants, and fun, Fun, FUN!!! This flyer you're about to read is full of amazing things you can do in under a week. Come to Florida and enjoy the fun in the sun!

Day 1: Miami Beach

Saturday, May 4th, 9:15am

Miami Beach, FL

Miami Beach, FL

Miami Beach. The title tells half of why people enjoy Miami so very much. There is nothing better than swimming in the cool water on a hot summer day. Miami restaurants are delicious! Come to Miami and swim with us! Art deco was very popular at the time of Miami's beginnings. Art deco is a style of art that was common in the 1920's people still use art deco today. Also immigration had just begun!

Day 2 : Bagles City South

This bagel place has the best bagels in the South! We will go here and experience some awesome bagels and some matzah bri. It is so delicious you'll want to go there again and again! Come with me to Bagel City South!

Day : 3 St. Augustine

St. Augustine was founded in Spanish colonial Florida back in the 1500's! We will take a trip around to Ripley's Believe it or Not and the Fountain of Youth. The Spanish culture was also built around it. It is an awesome place to go and have fun! You can walk around and see many historic buildings and artworks. St Augustine is the oldest city in the whole United States! Come enjoy some "old " fun.

Day 4 : Sea World

Sea World is an amazing place to see one of Florida's greatest resources. Sea life! Sea life is commonly found in Florida because of its peninsula shape. You can also go there to ride a lot of ocean themed rides. There are over 67,000 animals is Sea World! 6,000 of them are fish. This place is so popular that there were around 24 million guests! This is an amazing place to go while your in Florida!

Day : 5 Do Whatever You Want!

You've had an amazing time learning a lot about Florida and now it is time for you to explore Florida! You decide as you experience your last day in Florida. Bye!!!!!!