Week 6

English Comp I - Prof. Tiffany Smith - Bainbridge


This week introduces you to the second paper, a more familiar form of writing: narrative - but with a twist. We will build upon our ability to depict a memory in order to prove a point, or reveal a greater significance, by showing just one important part of your (or a family member's) history, as well as discover what it's like to convey that same message through different mediums.

Our readings this week introduce us to personal history narratives that convey themes of their own - they have a purpose. So, it is very important that you read carefully, and with your own purpose: to discover what they're trying to tell you/teach you, and how they're trying to do it.

Due This Week

  1. Read: Sherman Alexie, “The Joy of Reading & Writing: Superman and Me” and Paule Marshall’s “The Poets in the Kitchen”
  2. Complete: Discussion Post 4
  3. Read the Paper 2 Assignment Description
  4. Lesson 5: Introduction to Paper 2 & Narrative Structure
  5. Writing Exercise 3: Exploding a Moment
  6. Plagiarism Quiz - those who did not complete, or did not receive 90% or higher. Multiple attempts are allowed.

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