Taylor Lautner

By Cristina Paz

Movie Star

Taylor Lautner is well-known because he auditioned in lots of movies until he got a part in The adventure of SharkBoy and Lava Girl,also in twilight he got the part of Jacob Black.
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At the age of seven Taylor attended his first national karate tournament and won three first place trophies.

In 2004 he got the part of SharkBoy in the movie The Adventures of SharkBoy and Lava Girl.
November 2007 Taylor's agent insisted Taylor to audition for the part of Jacob Black in the movie Twilight because Taylor's agent thought it would be a big part for him.

Important persons,places,things,or ideas

Michigan was a important place to Taylor Lautner because all of his family and loved ones lived there and that was his home town.
Mike Chat was important to taylor because mike always encouraged taylor to get involved in acting and other things also he always helped him out when he needed it.
Los Angeles was another's important place to Taylor because he started to auditioning in places until he finally gat a yes for the movie twilight and started his carrier there.

Interesting Facts

Taylor Daniel Lautner was born February 11, 1992 and was the only child for six months and a half year until his sister was born.
When Taylor was 4 years old he stayed over his aunts hours with his mom and got a phone call from the police saying that his house burned down.
Taylor Luatner meet/acted with a girl named Taylor Dooley actor that had the same name as he did.
Taylor spent 11 months on a stricken diet because he had to keep his body in shape and have muscle if he wanted to be in the movie New Moon.
January 2009 taylor participated in the lollipop Theater Network Fundraiser with Vanessa Hudgens and got a check but they gave it to children hospital.

My Life lesson

My life lesson is that at first things might be hard but at the end it turns out to get better.

Taylor Lautner

Author is Amie Jane Leavitt