The Man Who Loved Clowns

The most heart felt book Ever!!!

Why You Should Read This Book.

You should read this book because it isnt like other books. ''The Man Who Loved Clowns'' is speacial, it talks about things that happen in real life to people like this. Its very sad and very true, and after you read this book you will soon realize to appricate all the things you have, and stop being bratty and gready if you dont have something that you really want or if someone else has it. Plus, You will be very thankful for the amazing people in your life that care about you, and you will never take it for granit again.

Things You Will Be Shocked About!!!!!!

How will delrita make a life for her self, even though she trying to hide it?

Delrita is the type of child who loves to be invisible, but thats the way she likes it. She doesnt want anyone to know her uncle punky, because she thinks that once people she him they will start making fun of him. Nobody really knows how he really is though, all that people see when they look at him is a grown man with a childs brain. None of them though every take the time to see the real punky. The real punky is really seet, nice, caring, and funny. So you will soon read how people end up opening there hearts up to love.

Every Thing Happens For A Reason, Even if We Dont Want Them To.

When A big horrible tragedy stricks,

Delritas super quiet Life -- and Punkys--

are changed at that moment FOREVER!!!