Halli Nuttelmann

Facts About Myanmar

1. The Country of Myanmar is Burma

2. The capital city of Myanmar is Burma also.

3. The population there is 55,167,330 as of today

Physical Features

Myanmar's most important river, the Ayeyarwady, starts is Northern Myanmar and flow down to the Andaman Sea. Mount Hkakabo Razi stretches 19,290 feet high. Dividing into eight main branches and many more tiny streams is called a Rice Bowl.

Geographic Boundaries

The North of Myanmar is Bangladesh. The South of Myanmar is Sri Lanka. The East of Myanmar is Laos. And the West of Myanmar is Pakistan.


1) Archeologist believe that people first settled the area now called Myanmar.

2) Myanmar is home to the smallest known species of deer, the Leaf Deer.

3) All musical lyrics released in Myanmar must be approved by the government.

4) Between 1 BC and AD 800 a group called Pyu began to establish kingdoms in Southern Myanmar.

People and Places

1) Myanmar's official language is Burmese.

2) Burmese is a tonal language.

3) Burmese has more than 10 vowel, twice as many as english.

4) This language is written with both consonants and vowels.


1) Myanmar nearly always eat rice and curry for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

2) Mangoes or Myanmars favorite fruit.

3) Most dishes are flavored with many herbs and spices.

4) People also enjoy fermented vegetables preserves chilies, and salads made of tomatoes, grapefruit, noodles, or eggplant.


  • In Myanmar's cities, people get around by cars, bus, taxi, and Trishaw .
  • In the country side , motorcycles, bicycles, and horse or buffalo carts are the most common forms of transportation.
  • When people need to travel long distances, they usually travel by car, train, or boat.
  • In some areas, people use small dug out boats to travel between villages.

My Choice

  • Myanmar is about the same size as Afghanistan or the state Texas.
  • Myanmar has three seasons rainy( mid-may to mid October), cool(mid October, to mid February), and hot( mid February to May).
  • Temperatures often sometimes climb as high as 113 Degrees F(45 degrees C)