space race

what were some of the major events?

When Russia sent its first satellite called sputnik then almost a month later sent up sputnik 2 with a little dog inside.

The US explorer 1 is launched into space and leads to the discovery of the Van Allen Radiation belt

The US creates NASA to replace the National Advisory Commitee of Aeronauts (NACA)

The Russians send the first man-made object to orbit the sun, Luna 1

The Russians Luna 3 orbits the moon and takes pictures of 70% of its surface

The US launch the Discoverer XIV, the first spy satellite.

The Russian Yuri Gagarin is the first man to orbit the earth

Alan B. Sheppard is the first American in space, arriving only 24 days after Yuri

President Kennedy was assassinated

Ed White is the American to so the space walk

Mariner sent back the first images of Mars

Russians Venus 3 is launched and is the first man-made object on Mars

Russians Luna 9 was the first spacecraft to soft land on the moon

Russians Luna 10 was the first satellite to orbit the moon

The US Surveyor 1 soft lands on the moon 2 months after the Luna 9

Gemini 12 was the last flight of the Gemini program started in 1961. It launched with James Lovell and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin.

Russian Venera 4 sends data about the atmosphere of Venus

Russian Zond 5 is launched with a biological payload, including two turtles, around the moon and back to earth

the US Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders begin the first manned journey from the Earth to the moon. On Christmas Eve, they took turns reading from the book and Genesis in a broadcast heard around the world.

How did this parallel the Cold war?

During the Cold war the US and Russia we in a race to make huge advancements first. Their space programs were no exception. If the Soviets came out with something new, so would the US soon after. If the US came out with new technology, Russia would come out with something better soon after.