The Chihuahuan Desert

by: dadricka patton

Chihuahuan Desert

Largest desert in North America and it covers 200,000 square miles

The Chihuahuan Desert

Friday, May 13th, 9pm

States of Chihuahuan, Coahuila, and Western Arizona

Geographical distributions; 93 endangered species of cacti ; 30 minutes by latitude and 30 by longitude

Abiotic factors; sand, limestone rocks, underground water, sunlight, temperature, air ,and water

Native plants; chamiza, desert spoon, prickly pear cactus, ocotillo, barrel cactus, century plant, shin dagger, and xeriscsaping

Native animals; thorny devils, african pixie frogs,chuckwalla, fennec fox, cape ground squirrel, camels, and the gila monster

Cooperation and competition between native animals in the habitat;

armidillo eats insects, chase them, and sometimes nurture them but kill them after a short period time

sheeps trick and eat kangaroo rats.

Attractions / Tour packages

Chihuahuan desert has many attractions but the main ones are sports such as hiking, rappel, sand boarding, and mountain biking.. And last but not least hunting, hunting season is from October to May and it has more than 80 hunting ranches. Animals that get out there are white tail deer, berber sheep, wild boar,and wild turkey.

Animals in the chihuahuan desert

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