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October 8, 2015

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Star Student of the Week: Mario Schweizer

Second-year MBA student Mario Schweizer has taken an “Iron-Man” approach to networking and building relationships. His role as the director of Alumni Relations for the Graziadio Veterans Business Society is one avenue Mario has for connecting and engaging with alumni, several of whom are actively coaching him through his career and job search.

“I try to connect with people as a way to learn about companies, especially the culture. I really focus on fit as I try to guard my priorities for my family and my continued development beyond B-school. Resources online, help from the CMC, recruiting visits, and conferences are important, but I know that a connection with a person at a company is invaluable.”

Mario’s focus is on operations roles, with B of A being his top target company. A team of Full-Time MBA alumni at B of A, including several who were on campus for the LDP presentation this Fall are helping Mario prepare for an upcoming interview and coaching him on how to use his military background combined with his MBA studies to showcase his leadership and management strengths.

Last year alumni mentors primed Mario to adopt a sense of urgency with his internship search and along with the counsel he received from the CMC he became interested in the AT&T LDP summer internship. Networking again played a big role in helping Mario secure the internship.

“I reached out to classmates who worked with AT&T the previous summer, and to Pepperdine alumni to ask lots of questions. The internship was more than I could have hoped for. I liked being in Dallas at the corporate headquarters. With a military background I really had little exposure to corporate life previously. The internship was a great look at a massive corporation that is undergoing impressive transformation. I loved the open culture that let me meet freely with various people to explore the company. Overall I appreciated the opportunity to gain confidence in the expertise I have from my military background and the knowledge I have gained from my Pepperdine MBA.”

Although Mario turned down his offer for a full-time LDP position with AT&T he believes the summer internship was a tremendous opportunity that helped him build confidence in how to leverage his military background with knowledge gained from the MBA program . As he pursues B of A and other opportunities his focus will be on landing a position that will fit his overall holistic goals for his career and family. His focus will also be to continue connecting with people. Mario offers this advice to his classmates: “ Resources online, help from the CMC, recruiting visits, and conferences are important, but a connection with a person at a company is invaluable. Explore, challenge yourself, and connect with others. There is so much to explore with the breadth that the program offers in curriculum, electives, and clubs. The experience is a great opportunity to examine and challenge oneself mentally, physically, and even spiritually. Most of all, I think connecting with peers, instructors, alumni, and business contacts is a critical skill as an MBA graduate. Developing these acquaintances, mentors, and friends takes deliberate effort, but returns the greatest rewards.”

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CONGRATS AT&T Case Competition Winners!!!!

The CMC would like to congratulate all the participants of the AT&T Case Competition which took place on Friday and was a huge success. Six teams competed and showcased case analysis and presentation skills in front of an esteemed panel of judges from AT&T. Teams were judged for their knowledge and understanding of the business case, their recommendations, supporting research and data, and overall quality of their presentation. AT&T awarded $1500 in prize money to the 1st and 2nd place teams. It was a fun day for all – and especially for these winning competitors:

1st Place - $1,000: TEAM WORK (Monique Eginli, Luke Caratan, Zach Darwish and Paruey Anadirekkul)
2nd Place - $500: 8ENT (Chris Lee, Wheaten Mather, Christine Feghali, Cory Ryan, Zhe Zhang)

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EDF Climate Corps

Friday, October 9th EDF Climate Corps will be hosting the first of its two virtual information session about the 2015 summer fellowship. We will cover the structure of the fellowship, qualifications, and the application process. Could you please help us circulate the webinar details to your students:

EDF Climate Corps is the premier graduate fellowship program to jump-start a career in energy management or sustainability. Fellows gain access to an exclusive network of over a thousand EDF Climate Corps alumni and other energy and sustainability professionals, interactive training and unique resources, including career opportunities. Our competitive program selects qualified candidates from a variety of disciplines to work for a summer embedded within leading organizations to identify customized energy management solutions.

Since 2008, EDF Climate Corps has placed over 600 fellows in host organizations including Yahoo, JP Morgan Chase, City of Boston, JLL, Verizon, General Motors, PG&E, Vassar College and the Chicago Housing Authority. A list of 2016 host organizations will be available to candidates during the interview process and fellows are matched with host organizations based on their location, industry and project type preferences.

Past EDF Climate Corps Fellows include Graziadio alumni: Tracy Liu (MBA ’10) Currently working in Corporate Responsibility at The Walt Disney Co. and Bart Templeman (MBA ’14) Customer Acquisition Specialist at SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. If this fellowship interests you register for one of the upcoming webinars (below) and reach out to Tracy or Bart via LinkedIn.

Learn more at one of our webinars:

Friday, October 9, 2015

12:00 pm ET/9:00 am PT

Register Online

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

3:00 pm ET/12:00 pm PT

Register Online

Upcoming Events:

  • October 8-10: National Society of Hispanic MBAs Conference/Career Fair
  • October 8-10: Reaching Out (LGBT MBA) Conference/Career Fair
  • October 9 - 9am: EDF Climate Corps Webinar (See above for more info.)
  • October 13 - 5am: Bristol-Myers Squibb - MLDP Webinar
  • October 21 - 12pm: Gallup Information Session (Malibu Campus) - MBAs Only!
  • October 23 - 2pm: Cornerstone OnDemand MBA Trek - MBAs Only!
  • October 30 - 12pm: Marketing Careers with Professor Doreen Shanahan
  • November 5-7: Net Impact Conference
  • November 6 - 12pm: Careers with Fashion Industry Leader BCBG
  • November 7 - 9am: The Global Trends Shaping Global Business featuring Peter Navarro - WLA Campus
  • November 8 - 8:30am: Gallup Strengths Based Business Development Workshop (Off Campus) - MBAs Only!
  • November 17: LA Tech Summit

Register for these events through the Career Portal! Space is limited!

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