Kendyl's Science Project

By: Kendyl M. Palmer

Let's learn about Telescopes!

There are many different types of Telescopes. One of the most important telescopes in our history that is still in use today is The Hubble Telescope. It is a reflector telescope and has made so many discovery's that we wouldn't have known if NASA hadn't made it or we stayed down here on Earth.


A lot of people will associate Galileo Galilee with the Telescope. But really it was Hans Lippershey's idea. He signed for a patent on a telescope like device in 1608. In 1609 Galileo heard about the idea and created his own! So It was Hans' idea and Galileo created it.

Three types of telescopes.

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Astronomers :):):)

Astronomers are important to discovery's about space. They use telescopes to find new planets and stars.
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