2nd Grade Science

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Simple machines

Dear 2nd Grade Parents,

The science room has been abuzz with simple machines. We know that simple machines make work easier. The children were surprised to learn that computers, phones, and cars aren’t necessarily simple machines. They were maybe a little unimpressed when they learned that wedges, pulleys, levers, screws, wheel and axels, and inclined planes make up the bulk of our unit. But have no fear, I won them over when we started to investigate what simple machines do.

We built catapults with rulers and film canisters and launched plastic frogs. We learned that a screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a pole. The children demonstrated this by measuring a triangular piece of paper (inclined plane) and then wrapped it around a pencil. We made elevators out of pulleys that were able to lift small cargo from the floor to the table. We designed ramps and tested two different cars. We used K'nex and Lego Simple Machine kits to build cool contraptions.

Two weeks ago an engineering design project went home with 2nd graders. They were due Monday, May 2nd. Children built vehicles (TP car, orange juice container bus, or can roller) or catapults (3 versions of a popsicle stick catapult). If your child hasn’t brought their project to school PLEASE send it in tomorrow. I would hate for someone to miss out on our engineering design fair.

See below for upcoming events and dates.

Carpe Diem,

Diana Matthews

Elementary Science Educator

Field Trip

Next Tuesday, May 10th we will be going to Corporate Eagle at Oakland County Airport. The children will learn about planes and aviation careers.

Mrs. Lockhart’s class and Mrs. DeBoer’s class will leave at 8:25 and return by 10:45.

Mrs. Gendron’s class and Dr. Ludy’s class will leave at 9:40 and return by 12:00.

The people at Corporate Eagle are looking forward to our arrival and have some fun things planned. Children should wear their uniforms.

Allergy Alert

Next week we will make pulleys on the playground and pull up the ingredients for s’mores (marshmallows, Hershey’s chocolate, graham crackers). Please let me know if your child has allergies that would prohibit him/her from eating these yummy treats. There are a few times I incorporate food into a lesson. The portions will be small and there is science behind the snack.

Upper School Woods

We will go for our last hike in the Upper School Woods to observe seasonal changes during science class. Children should wear uniforms and outdoor shoes that can get muddy.

Monday May 16th-Mrs. Gendron and Dr. Ludy’s classes

Wednesday May 18th-Mrs. Lockhart’s and Mrs. DeBoer’s classes

Simple Machines Test Dates

Mrs. Gendron & Dr. Ludy’s classes- Monday, May 23d

Mrs. Lockhart & Mrs. DeBoer’s classes- Wednesday, May 25th

Simple machines- video study guide:


Chemistry Day

Lastly, we will go to Chemistry Day at the Upper School on Tuesday, May 24th. The Upper School students prepare amazing experiments and demonstrations for our young learners. It’s a great day and everyone truly enjoys it. Two classes will go in the morning and two classes will go in the afternoon.