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This week, I was reminded of a quote from Joshua Medcalf and Jamie Gilbert’s book Burn Your Goals.

“Anything that happens to me today is in my best interest and an opportunity to learn and grow.”

I do not want to think about daily situations any other way than this quote. If things happening each day are not placed there to be in my best interest, then they are only here to break me down and destroy me. To me, thinking in that way, there would be no point to anything - good, bad, or indifferent. I believe there is a purpose and a higher calling because if there is not, we are all lost. Somehow the tough times will make us stronger, and it is not always in my capacity to understand the why at the moment. There is a greater plan for our lives that we do not have the ability to understand. Maybe situations will provide empathy that will allow me to treat someone differently in a time they really need it. Maybe situations will create a level of compassion for others’ struggles. Maybe situations will give me a different perspective on the importance of what we do each day. Whatever that is...I choose to believe that anything that happens to me today is in my best interest and an opportunity to learn and grow.

Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions: 🙌🏽

Thank you to:

  • Sam Hanley and Stacy Matlock for all the homecoming week festivities
  • Brent Bockelman and the Alumni Association for hosting the Alumnus of the Year luncheon.
  • Joe Leonard for organizing Powderpuff football.
  • the athletic department for hosting three senior nights this week.
  • our Performing Arts Department for hosting this week's band and orchestra concerts.
  • Brian Murphy, Nick Stevens, James Thorpe, and Eric Woodke for assisting PTEF in the organizing and running of Running South this weekend.

August Student of the Month

Art Department Mang Par


Grateful Friday Challenge 🎉

Week 8: Grateful Friday Challenge

It’s once again Friday. We made it through another great week. We are approaching the end of the first nine weeks, which means Fall Break is right around the corner. Things are really amping up around here in terms of academics and the sports world. It is Homecoming week and that is a pretty big deal around this place. Preparations are underway for a great homecoming weekend!!

Fridays seem to be monumental as we get into a routine of the school year as we reflect on the happenings of the week. Some pass by without much notice, and sometimes things happen in a week that you will be talking about 10 years from now, some with nostalgia, others with big eyes and a head shake.

We tend to look forward to those monumental happenings in our lives or monumental happenings of the school year. Years for the veteran teachers seem to pass faster and faster… or at least they did. Can you believe that we are sitting here halfway through September…. Already?!?!

But sometimes we get so caught up in looking forward to the big things, or living in the big things, or celebrating the big things that we forget to celebrate all the small things that got us there.

Let’s spend today looking for the beauty in the mundane. Let’s live for the little victories that regularly happen, and we often forget how great they are. Let’s let people close to us know how much we appreciate them and how they help us get through the day-to-day. Smile more, be thankful, give some high-fives… love the process and celebrate the day.

With banners flying as we go…


180 Days of Learning

Tammy Tellas

Mrs. Tellas and her Algebra students are learning more about functions. Students were given basic functions in a variety of formats and worked on those functions side by side during class. Students had opportunities to work through the problems as Mrs. Tellas circulated for additional support.

Physical Education

The SHS Physical Education Department welcomed the local Army members to classes today. In the Army Fitness Challenge, students participate in four fitness stations in a single class period with the help of your local Army soldiers. Students enjoyed each challenge and put forth a great deal of effort to meet each challenge together.

Amy Gaisser

Ms. Gaisser is the Southport High School EL Facilitator. Ms. Gaisser has the opportunity to work with small groups of students to support language learning. Ms. Gaisser uses data and recommendations from EL teachers to develop specific strategies to provide additional support and learning for many of our EL students.

Lauren Baker and Raye Jordan

Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Jordan's Principles of Culinary students visited a Crime Scene Kitchen this week. They observed 20 hazards and explained the consequences of each. Culinary students are learning the Food Handler curriculum prior to cooking.

SHS Alumni Association

The Southport High School Alumni Association hosted its Alumnus of the Year Luncheon today. This annual tradition during homecoming week recognizes the past year's Alumnus of the Year. We were honored to welcome back Kelly Sawyers as today's honoree. We are grateful for the support of the Alumni Association and are honored to host the luncheon during homecoming.


Educational Humor 😁

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