Team Awesome

April 14-17


We will continue to review for the CRCT. Please encourage your child to work on at least one practice link and watch videos from all units between now and CRCT. You can find these links below this message.


This week we will continue reviewing for the CRCT. Students will finish up a review packet that we will be working on, in class, in groups, to help us review astronomy concepts. Students will receive a handout with key concepts from each of the units that we have studied this year to assist them in their review for the CRCT.

Social Studies

We are reviewing for the CRCT. Encourage your child to review using their text book.

Mr. C's Challenge:

I have told the students that if 95% of them meet or exceed on the CRCT I will shave my head and paint it purple!!!

Language Arts

We are preparing for the CRCT. Encourage your child to review at home.