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May 2016

Student Perceptions

Students filled out a survey that asked them to reflect on students

and staff in our school. Below are a few of the questions with their answers!

Do you feel respected by students and staff at this school?

  • Yes, because everyone is interested in my culture.
  • Yes, because they don't make fun of any of us for being Asian. They respect us too.
  • I believe that people in this school respect my culture. All of the people love learning about where I'm from.
  • Throughout my school years I've have never been offended because of my culture. I feel like I am respected and my culture is respected.
  • Yes, because I never get disrespected for my culture.

What do teachers do to help you in class?

  • My teachers helped explain the hard sentence the easy way.
  • They have review sections after and before school. They like helping their students.
  • They explain stuffs for me when I have question.
  • They helped with words I did not understand and made me feel comfortable.
  • They explain to me, and they give the modified test.

What can teachers do in the future to help you in their classes?

  • Give more time on assignments
  • Make sure we actually know what were suppose to do
  • Walk around the classroom more and make sure everyone is doing good
  • I wish they use more easy words to explain, always give us the modified test or quiz.
  • When they want us to take notes, they should talk slow.

Is there anything you wished your teachers knew about your culture? If so, what?

  • That it's very different than the Americans.
  • No, I don't think my teachers want to know about my culture.
  • I would like all of my teachers to know that I am foreign so that if I don't understand a word, they don't look at me like I am stupid.
  • I need to pray during prayer time.
  • Not all Mexicans were born in Mexico.
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Thank You Notes from EL Students

The EL students wrote a few notes to say thank you for all you do!

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