Seeking New WMCC Board Members

Are You Looking To Be More Involved In The Running of WMCC?

Join the WMCC Executive Board! Commitment requirements:

  • Attend four 1-hour, in-person Board meetings per school year
  • Dedicate 5 hours per month to special Board projects that may include Building Maintenance (E.g. work party), Fundraising, Marketing, Parent Volunteer initiatives and more
  • Board members are expected to sit for a two year term

Still Interested? Make Yourself Known!

Click here to let WMCC Board President Laura Sosin know that you're interested in being nominated for a position on the Executive Board starting September 2015.

At the AGM on June 18th, we will nominate any parent that has expressed interested in being a Board member for the September 2015 - June 2016 school year. The attending Parent Community will then vote on the nominations.

We'd love to hear from you. Board membership is FUN and REWARDING!