The Prohibition

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The Causes of The Prohibition

After the revolutionary war multiple types of societies, especially religious, tried to persuade people that alcohol caused many crimes and even deaths. This was called the temperance movement.

Temperance Movement- a social movement against the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Begining of Prohibition

July 1st was considered the "thirsty first" even though the act was passed on June 30 (because the act came into play on the 1st). unfortunately, to many people the prohibition was extremely hard to enforce. Many states did not follow with the same beliefs therefore, they did not partake of the requirements of the prohibition.

all about speak easies

speak easies

speak easies- the illegal taverns that served liquor.

speak easies got their name because you were required to whisper a special code in order to enter. speak easies were often apartments, delis, tailors, or even soda shops. once inside, there was plenty of entertainment and drinking.

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moonshine was/is a type of alcoholic beverage that many people made themselves, to drink and make a profit. this beverage was illegal due to the fact that people could add whatever they wanted and other harmful ingredients.

bootlegging- the term commonly used to identify the illegal transport of liquor.

*** fun fact*** - moonshine's main ingredient is corn mash.

The End Of Prohibition

In the 1930s, prohibition rapidly lost its popularity. For the people part of the temperance movement, their plan had promptly backfired on them. Alcohol had become even more popular, many illegal bars popped up, and the income from the bars helped criminal organizations. Due to the great depression people also thought farmers could use the money you'd earn from selling crops for making alcohol. The government reasoned that they could tax alcohol and earn a good amount of money. People no longer wished for prohibition. So, In 1933, the 21st amendment was passed, making legal again and repealing the 18th amendment.