3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending November 13, 2015

A Note From Mrs. Adams

Welcome back after a relaxing (hopefully!) fall break! Just a few quick notes...

* We have a math test next Friday on Unit 4. I know we just had a math test, however this is a short unit on the basics of multiplication and division in number stories. If you hold onto the completed homework throughout the unit, it will be a good review for them. We'll also be completing a test review the day before.

* Third grade is being asked to donate pasta for the Thanksgiving drive. Donations are due by Monday, November 23rd.

* School pictures will be coming home today. They came out great, however if you are unhappy for any reason, make up pictures are next Friday, November 20th.

Math Madness

Written by the students of 3A!

In math, we learned arrays to help with multiplication and division. We used an app called Doodly Buddy to help us. Mrs. Adams gave us problems to solve and we created arrays with stamps on Doodle Buddy. After practicing, we had to apply what we learned by making arrays using geometric blocks. We took a picture of our creation in an app called Skitch. Then we had to write the multiplication number model on the iPad. Using apps in math makes it fun to learn and easier to figure out the math!

Below are pictures of the arrays we created using the app Skitch.

Big image
Big image

Making arrays in math

Photoshop Arrays

In the computer lab, we learned how to make arrays using Photoshop. What a great way to tie our math to technology!

Social Studies

We learned about the continents, oceans, countries that make up our continent, and even the hemisphere our continent is on. Below are pictures of us using a small globe as we worked with partners to find the equator and Prime Meridian. By finding those, we were able to locate the hemispheres.