life of a newsie

by:amahni harris

My name is Emily Nettle. I am nine years old. My mom is in the hospital and my dad is injured from an accident from his job. Since he cant work and get paid, im going to start being a newsie to help out. I wake up soon as the sun rises, put on my best dress; since people tell me that cuteness sells the paper;and my walking shoes.

As i walk from corner to corner to sell my papers, i look around at the different faces and buildings. I work till sunset every single today. then walk back home to have bread and water with my dad and little brother who is five. Something similar about the other newsies and i is that we really need the money to survive in New York. some differences are that i have a family unlike most, and i am one of a few to be a female newsie at such a young age.

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