Your Biggest Source of Trouble

Your Biggest Source of Trouble and Anxiety (Part Four)

Your Biggest Source of Trouble and Anxiety (Part Four)

Meir Ezra - As we have covered in Parts 1-3, the greatest barrier to your success is not the economy, your work habits or your opportunities. Your greatest source of stress is not money or the weather or any physical thing.

The biggest source of business problems, career difficulties and personal stress is antisocial people-people who are devious, mean-spirited, cruel, hostile or negative. People who openly or secretly oppose you, cut you down and cause you trouble.

When you handle or disconnect from an antisocial person, you feel better. You relax. You succeed more than you fail. You have less to fight on your way to your goals.

The first four ways to identify an antisocial person were covered in Parts 1-3. All three parts are posted at our new website at