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Health News

Sources: Time, Fortune, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Stanford, BBC, LATimes

Who Got Funded?

This section includes who got funded from the health & food sectors.

Sources: Crunchbase

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A Little Bird Told Me

This section includes relevant information from social media sources.

Sources: Twitter, Facebook

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It's A Tech World

Sources: Spectrum

Good Reads

This section includes articles related to advertising and company culture.

Assorted goods included.

What's Up, Doc?

This section provides updates on Carbon Five activity.

Product KickOff started Wednesday, March 20th.

Our Moves (Past & Current):

Each point relates to a photo below.

  1. NewCo moved into the Helium room.
  2. We have extracted vegan & plant based recipes from other sources (Yummly + blogs)
  3. Creating on-boarding questionnaire that will personalize the site for each new user.
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