Cyber Safety

Potential Harm Caused By Actions Online

Be Careful On Social Media!

Be mindful of what you post on the internet and social media. Just one photo could ruin your career or even your life! Just stop and think about what you're doing. Ask your friends and family if you should be posting it, don't give away to many details and not too much information. Remember, once it's up it can't be removed. It will be on there forever.

Don't Illegally Download Movies, Music, Games or Programs!

Don't bother illegally downloading movies, music, games and programs, it's just not worth it! It just hurts the creators and puts you at risk. Legitimately downloading them will not give you the chance of getting in trouble and maybe causing you to go to jail. Also if you keep to real files you get better quality content. Paying that extra to buy it is better then getting a fine 20 times that amount.