The Hurried Child Syndrome

Brody Hackbarth

Basic Information

The hurried child syndrome is the situation where a child transitions into an early adulthood because of parents pushing them too hard. They can be pushed in things like academics and athletics. Family situations can also be a cause, as well as technology and media.

Sports and Education

Parents always want their children to be successfull, and to be successfull you need to practice a lot. That is the reason why parents are always making their kids try hard. This goes for both academics and athletics. If little jimmy likes football and the father wants jimmy to be a star college player then the father will make jimmy do everything that will possibly get him better chances of getting a scholorship. Unfortunatly all this work and schedualing his dad put him through caused him to hate football and he never went to college.

Family Situations

There are a few different circumstances that could take place where a child would have to grow up fast in a family. Divorced parents could cause a child to grow up fast. Parents who work a lot might need a child to look after another child. Also kids who don't have parents or are living on the streets, they definatley need to grow up fast. It is unfortunate that these situations take place but thats how kids might grow up too fast.

Society and Technology

The media and technology plays a big role in speeding along a childs development. There are dolls that look like adult models so the little girls want to wear makeup and look like adult models. The movies and media kids are able to get their hands on can make them a little more grown up then they should be at their age.


In conclusion kids these days are growing up too quikly. Some factors of this are media and technology, family situations, and sports and education. There are a few asepects to each of these that cause kids to grow up too fast.