Night of the living dummy

By R.L Stine


when the dummy started acting evil getting lildny in trouble at home and school.

there many solution that could of been done to fix this problems .

The twins parents could of took the dummy some where far form the house pawn it or even thrown it in the trash .


if I could remove one charter from the story

it would be the parents.

Because the parents wasn't there to believe the girls when they told them about the dummy action. The dummy could of cause harm to the family or someone else.

Fab Five Fav's

Slappy : u wanna play

:slappy: I though that other guy would never leave.

Mr.wood : some has to die

mr.wood : y'all are my slave now

Lindy : it's not me it's the dummy

Face to face

ME: well im here wit slappy and were here to talk about his book night of the living dummy

Slappy : hey hows it going

ME: well im great im great, So MR. slappy how did you feel living with mr. wood

SLAPPY: during the time it was so much pain , mr.wood was filled with so much evil just like me ha!

ME:What ?

SLAPPY: OH? HA! don't mind me im just a dummy but Mr. wood was evil he almost killed me !

ME: i guess that was a stressful time ?

SLAPPY : yes it was not knowing if it was your time to go or can be very scary

ME: well slappy let me ask u this


ME: why didnt u try to help the young ladys when Mr. wood was trying to kill them ?

SLAPPY: well u see i wanted to test the twins streght to what i was dealing with in the future .



ME: no comment

ME: well why didnt you fight back when he was hitting you in the room?

Slappy: well you see his evil spirt was to strong at the time .

ME: so you telling me two gril could beat a dummy but you cant .... sound like you wanted them to die ?

SLAPPY: i wouldnt let that happen that dummy do that , it was evil at its greates form

ME: it also most time to go but slappy before we go if you could change anying what would you change

Slappy: well well

ME: come let it out

SLappy: well i would of tryed to stop that monster and fight for peace on earth.

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The two main characters of Night of the Living Dummyare two competitive sisters, Lindy and Kris Powell. One day Lindy finds a ventriloquist dummy in a dumpster behind the family house, and she decides to keep and name the dummy Slappy. Lindy begins to perform ventriloquist routines with Slappy for her friends and the other neighbourhood children, and it is not long before her sister becomes jealous. Kris makes her father buy her her own dummy, which she calls Mr. Wood. However, it is not long before the new dummy begins acting strangely, and the two sisters are worried that they this new doll might be possessed and even alive.

As with all the Goosebumps books, Night of the Living Dummy features two competitive main characters, and many readers will enjoy the friendly sibling rivalry. Young readers will empathise with the two sisters as they plead to their clueless parents. The parents refuse to believe the sister’s tales about the demonic dummy, even grounding them as punishment for telling lies. It helps make the book (and other similar Goosebumps tales) feel grounded for younger readers, as they feel like they could be the characters in the story.

R.L. Stine’s trademark writing has always featured humour mixed with horror and Night of the Living Dummy is no exception. Mr. Wood’s outbursts always involve some colourful insults, and there is one particular scene featuring excesses of green vomit that will leave readers laughing with shock. However, as Mr. Wood’s behaviour gets increasingly worse and Kris and Lindy realise that they must deal with him themselves, readers will experience the tension of the two characters as the renegade dummy turns evil.

An engaging story with plenty of twists, jokes and memorable scenes, it is no surprise that Night of the Living Dummy is one of the most fondly remembered Goosebumps books. The 7th book in the original series, R.L. Stine went on to use evil ventriloquist dummies in future stories to great success, but Mr. Wood was the original demonic dummy.

Top Ten List

1.In his short life, Tupac Shakur made an indelible impression on the word

2. He also encouraged Africans to unite and feel pride in their heritage and identity.

3. In 1984 When Tupac was thirteen, afeni lost her job

4. One day Tupac was walking on a street in Marin city and saw that a flower had push its way through the concrete side walk.

5.Interscope records, cofounded by jimmy lovine recognized Tupac talent and signed him to the label

6.Tupac was now becoming famous and infamous soon.

7.Tupac was fearless and would always speak his mind no matter what.

8. On Friday September 13 1996 at 4; 03 p.m. Tupac life ended

Thematically speaking

I pick those quote because they represent the theme, live by the gun and die by the gun. I pick this because in the story Tupac the hip hop icon die for what he love and that was hip hop culture. He grew up in a ruff town and stilled found away to making on the top of the world. Tupac will to make it using, knowledge, strength, and power. he not only help uplifts the black culture he left a mark in one of the biggest business known today in the music culture.

Best seller

Tupac Shakur is one of the best best seller books ever !

Tupac Shakur, better known by his stage name 2Pac, was a highly successful rapper and actor known for his violent and shocking lyrics that earned him many fans as well as critics. Born into a family notorious for their brushes with law, he had no contact with his biological father until he was an adult. Violence was nothing new to the youngster whose mother was imprisoned while pregnant with him. It is no surprise that his music was replete with references to ghettos, street violence, and other social problems he faced while growing up. At the beginning of his career he worked for the alternative hip hop group Digital Underground as a roadie and backup dancer. Eventually the talented young man released his solo debut ‘2Pacalypse Now’ which generated considerable controversy due to the violent nature of its lyrics and became very popular primarily due to this very reason. Even though professionally he was becoming successful, his life became entangled in violence and he had frequent rifts with the police. In addition to his music career, he had also acted in some films. He was a voracious reader and a big fan of Shakespeare. His blooming career was cut short by his brutal death in a drive-by shooting.

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