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carlos quezada

Religion in the Middle East

Cultures around the world can be very different. The many cultures reflect a variety of geography, languages, conflict, religion, and government. Religion greatly changes the culture of a region. Middle East Is shaped by religion.

The Middle East is Influenced throughout history by its religion. In ancient times, they believed in many gods therefore they build ziggurats to honor their gods. They also believe that their “ka”goes to an afterlife. As a result, they do a mummification where they take out all the organs and put it in canopic jars. The heart stays in the body. It is done because they believe in the afterlife.

In Modern time, the middle east shows a unique coultre influenced by its religion. They believe in Allah and he is a god. In modern time people go to the mosque and pray with their heads on the ground. In modern time, there are three faiths (religion) and all three are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Religion shapes the culture of the Middle East. Cultures vary in language, geography, religion, conflict, and government. In the world there are great differences in culture.