Cora Hudgins


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The Food Web- The Savanna

The producers are Bermuda Grass, Acado Trees, and Kangaroo Paws. The primary consumers are Zebras, Giraffes, Antelopes, and Elephants. The secondary consumers are Vultures, Hyenas, Leopards,and Cheetahs. The Tertiary consumer is a lion. The decomposers include bacteria, mushrooms and a worm!

How Humans Impact the Enviroment

The Good and Bad

There are many good and bad ways that humans impact the Savanna. One good way is humans promote tourism in the Savanna. This money helps fund the reserves and brings awareness to people. People from all around the world dream about vacationing in the Savanna. They will spend money to see a lion, elephant, or giraffe. One of the bad things that humans have done in the savanna is hunting animals. These animals are now endangered and going extinct. They are hunted for their meat and fur. A lot of humans actually kill the animals so they can just brag.

How organisms affect the food web

1. Lions-If there was a decrease in lion,s then all the animals the Lions consume would increase in populations because their predator didn't exist. The Lion is a tertiary consumer.

2. The Acado Trees- if theses trees didn't exist, then a lot o the animals wouldn't have the right nutrients to survive. These trees are producers which produces energy for the animals.

3. The Vultures- if the vultures didn't exist, their would be a lot of dead animals laying around. Vultures eat the carcuses of dead animals which helps keep the savanna clean and preserved.