Agjectives That Comapare

Quintessence Indra

Add er

Add er: comparing 2 things. If it ends with a e just add r. When ending in y you drop the y and add ier. when there is a vowel that is not saying its name you add a consontit then add er.

white = whiter
easy = easier
hot = hotter

Add est

add est: Comparing 3 things or more. When ending in e just add st. When ending in y you add iest. When you have a vowel that in not saying its name add a consonit then add est.

white =whitest
easy =easiest
hot = hottest

Multisyllabic words

Multisyllabic : 3 syllable or more. When having a 3 syllable word or more you add more or most.

interesting = more interesting = most interesting
dangerous = more dangerous = most dangerous

Monosyllabic words

monosyllabic : 1 syllable words add er est

tall = taller = tallest
short = shorter =shortest