Donors Choose

How to Design a Project

Example - My Project for Books

Here is a link to a project I just got funded for trade books for 1st, 2nd & 3rd grade students. It only took me a couple of weeks and a few sponsors!

Video Describing the Impact of Donors Choose Documentary

Steps to Creating Your Own Project

1. Visit the website and create a Teacher's Account

2. Upload a classroom photo:
"Choose an inspiring and safe photo to display on all of your projects. This photo will
appear alongside your school name and location."
There are some photo guidelines on the website to check what type of photos to use and
not use . . .

3.Then click on the blue "Create a Project" button to get started.
A step-by-step submission guide will help you, with a few questions along the way.

4. Once you have finished creating your project - the fun begins - SHOPPING!!