The Hudson Mohawk Lowlnads

By: Destiny Decker


The Hudson Mohawk Lowlands is a low lying area around the Hudson and Mohawk river and the Appalachian Mountains. In order to get to this region from Lake George you would have to drive about 50 minutes North. While looking out your window on the way there you may pass Lake George and then get on the North way and then take the route to get to the Hudson Mohawk Lowlands.
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The Hudson RIver

The Hudson River is a possible place to stop on your way to the Lowlands. The Hudson River is a river that was formed by glaciation. The glacier created a "U" shaped valley which eventually after the glacier melted turned into a river.
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The Appalachian Mountains

The Appalachian Mountains are mountains that formed about 300,0000,000 years ago. They were formed from multiple plate collisions. The plate collisions caused the land to be pushed upward. Over the years the size of the mountains have decreased due to erosion. The rock that is normally found in he Appalachian Mountains is sedimentary rock.
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The Mohawk River

The Mohawk River, like the Hudson River was also formed by glaciation. (Refer back to the Hudson River)
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