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Energy in Action Solar Academy

UWMD Day of Impact - Energy Future Holdings Builder's & Tocqueville

On November 5, 2015 over 35 volunteers landed here at Julian T. Saldivar Elementary school to support our Scholars in learning. The volunteers were very excited to work with such brilliant and intelligent students. The volunteers that came work with a branch of TXU called the Energy Future Holdings Builer's & Tocqueville. What made these groups of people special? They really care about kids and are motivated to help to implement STEM at the elementary level. In addition to that they are very active in the community. Many of the volunteers made contributions to the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. UWMD has a long lasting relationship with our campus. Each year UWMD, along with other volunteers, give back to our community with the hopes of making a difference in the lives of students. So, what did they do? 16 laboratory experiments were conducted with our Scholars by the volunteers. The labs were entitled Energy in Action Solar Academy. The Scholars were engaged and all students participated in the science labs. One Scholar stated, "I've been waiting for this all week." The Scholars thouroughly enjoyed themselves and really liked the labs. They especially enjoyed the heat energy pencil that was provided by UWMD. All in all, the entire day was a success. We hit the TEKS and had another day of valuable instruction. Thank you to all that made this day possible.

Science Coach

Mr. McKenzie

To Reach Our Goal of 90/50

The 5E Lesson Design Model will help us reach our goal of 90/50. Engagement help students make connections with what they know and can do. Exploration help students by providing a set of common experiences from which they can help each other make sense of the concept. Explanation help students describe what they experienced and to explain how this new information fits in with what they already know. Elaboration help students apply the concept to a different situation. Evaluation help students extend their understanding and to demonstrate knowledge of concepts and skills. For additional information check out Go Saldivar!

Mr. McKenzie

Mr. McKenzie serves as the science coach at Julian T. Saldivar Elementary School.