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Drone Technology Creates New Innovations in Industry

Increasing development of the drone has attracted the interest of technology investors. According to investors, there is far greater economic advantages in using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), where only data acquisition and imagery are required than using a plane. One investor referred to drones technology as the “holy grail of aerodynamics”.

Market Landscape and Trends
The future for the drones industry is large and more applications are still coming up. In developed economies such as the United States, it is estimated that drones will have an economic impact of more than 13 billion and create thousands of jobs. Farming and logistics operations are seen to be the next biggest beneficiaries after photography. Research also shows that in the next three years the market size is expected to hit 2.07 billion.

Aerial photography and cinematography leads in the potential usage of drones followed by aircraft technologies, agriculture and farming services, mapping, topography and in education and training. Utilization of drones in law enforcement and agriculture may also play a key role in the growth and development of the drone technology. More applications are developing such as first responder services including police, fire and medical emergencies.

The Growing Market for Commercial Drones
Major retailers and industry players have started experimentation on the use of drones in parcel delivery services with a much lower delivery times as compared to other delivery models. Currently the regulatory framework is being developed in various countries to allow proper usage of the technology.

Drone Technology and Emerging Issues
Drone technology is categorized through various classes. These include the propulsion based, avionics and the navigation technology applied. One of the key advantages of the rotary blade drone are its ability to fly over different directions as compared to the fixed wings model. The current drones are also designed to hover in a specific spot as they await for commands. The fixed wings models must always be in continuous motion.

Potential Challenges

  • Integration of the drones into the existing airspaces or the subdivision of the airspace could pose certain challenges.
  • Achieving precision in the navigation of drones
  • There is need to promote safety and privacy during the usage of drones as well as protection against antisocial use.
  • Regulation of very high altitude flights is also very important consideration.
  • Manual operation of the drones has been achieved using automated controls.

Discovering the World around With the RC Drone Quad Copter
New experiences using the drone technology from airlift include real time telemetry data and flight recording. The drones can also be fitted with a WIFI wireless connection that can link up to a distance of 300 meters as well as having the first person view during aerial video recording.

Where to Buy the Best Drones?
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