Simon Birch

By: Ethan Knudsen

Simon Birch

-The theme is that God has plans for everyone. Simon Birch said "God has a plan for everyone," (Simon Birch). This supports the theme because Simon said that God has plans for everyone. Simon probably said this because he is so small and nobody think he can do anything. Everyone says that he is too small to do anything good, but he says that he will do something good because God has a plan for him.

-Simon's physical characteristic is playful, his emotional characteristic is outgoing. Simon says "Simon went underwater and told Joe to count how long he can stay underwater" (Simon Birch). This shows that Simon is playful, because even though Simon is not fit or made to swim or go underwater, he still does go underwater to hold his breath for as long as he can. Simon likes to play around because he tries to do thing that everyone else is doing, even though he might not be able to do it very well. When Simon tries to go underwater he isn't very good at it but he thinks that he is as good as everyone else.

-Simon says "I never go up to bat, and when I do I don't get to swing, but then I looked over at the coach and he told me to swing for the first time. When the pitcher threw the first ball, I just watched it go past, and I looked over at the coach, and he kept telling me to swing. So on the next pitch, I took a swing at the ball, and I saw it go soaring over the crowd and heading for Joe's mom. Then the ball hit her on the side of the head, and she died.

- Simon says "Does God have a plan for us" (Simon Birch). I think that I am God's instrument and he is going to use me to play out his plan. At the Christmas Scene I started to get fidgety, and I attacked Mary. Then the whole play started to go crazy. There was fights, the angel puked all over our teacher, and the crowd was laughing at everyone.

-Simon says "God had a plan for me" (Simon Birch). God had a plan that I was going to save all the children on the bus. I was his instrument to save all the kids on the bus. I am glad that God gave me this plan to save all the kids, because it makes up for the bad things that I have done and for the accident with Joe's Mom.

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