The Bermuda Triangle

Why do ships/planes disappear in the Bermuda Triangle?

Historical Background

The Bermuda Triangle was first named in 1964 by a writer named Vincent Gaddis. The Bermuda Triangle stretches from Florida to Puerto Rico to Bermuda (,2003). Disappearances in this area date back to the 1600s (,2016.) Some of the most famous disappearances include flight 19 and the USS Cyclops

Modern day research/evidence

A recent disappearance in the Bermuda triangle is that a plane disappeared in 2005 with three people aboard. This could have been because of engine failures or sudden storms ( Scientists believe that there are several reasons that disappearances occur including but not limited to human error, Rouge waves, the Gulf Stream, and Hurricanes (,2012).

Possible theories/explainations

One possible theory that I think is the most likely to be true is that the Bermuda Triangle doesn't exist at all. Another theory is that it might exist because some weird stuff happens. Another theory which I do not believe is that there is something wrong with the Bermuda Triangle.


I think that the most likley theory about the Bermuda Triangle is that it doesn't exist at all. I think that everything can be explained. I believe that there is nothing supernatural in the world. There are also many scientific explanations and reasons for the Bermuda Triangle. The Triangle is one of only two places on Earth where compasses point to true north rather than magnetic north causing planes and ships to go offcourse.


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