January Technology Newsletter


ELA item type


In this sample the students will connect the items in a list on the left to the items on the right that they match.

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MATH Item Type

Students manipulate items to show different levels on 3d items.

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Favorite App- SEE SAW

  • Seesaw is a multimedia journal that empowers students to showcase what they’re learning at school.
  • Throughout the school year, Seesaw builds an organized, digital portfolio of each student’s learning, accessible by teacher, student and parent.
  • Seesaw also keeps parents in the loop by giving them a real-time, personalized glimpse into their child’ s school day, via automatic iOS or Android app notifications, text message or email.
  • Teachers can share pictures or videos with parents through a safe environment that only the selected people can see.

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Favorite Website- NEARPOD

  • Create or download interactive multimedia presentations.
  • Share your interactive lesson and control the student's activity in real time.
  • Your students interact and submit responses through any mobile device or PC.
  • Monitor and measure student results on an individual basis.

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In-service Offerings

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Moby Max - Differentiated Instruction and Assessment for ELA & Math Part I- Lascassas

January 14 2:30-3:30

In this session you will explore the different features of Moby Max. Moby Max is not only a Math tool, but also includes Language, Reading, Vocabulary, and Writing. Moby Max will identify curriculum gaps and provides prescriptive activities and lessons. Learn to post messages to your students, give rewards, take polls, print off worksheets, create contests among students or other classes, and find out how much time each student spent on certain skills.

1 hour credit

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Moby Max for Writing- ELA-- Kittrell

January 21 2:45-3:45

This session is geared towards teachers that are currently enrolled and using Moby Max. Creating and assigning online writing prompts has never been easier using Moby Max Writing Module. Writing with Moby Max offers the complete submission-revision-grading system for any type of essay, report, or research paper. Moby Max’s Short Answer module integrates writing across all subjects. Both modules use the same easy-to-use markup and grading system which not only saves time, but provides better feedback to the student. Easy Markup allows for simple drag and drop markups for common errors like fragments or comma splices onto the students writing. Existing writing prompts, images, and rubrics can be imported into the program. Provide better feedback as well as save time! Easy Grading, Progress Monitoring, and Tracking Workflow

1 hour credit

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Math Technology Tools for TNReady-- Lascassas

January 28 2:45-3:45

Teachers will learn about available tools to prepare students for online technology enhanced questions for Math TNReady.

1 hour credit

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