Canada vs India

By: kanvardeep singh hayer

Canada immigration 2015 vs 2040

There will be more immigrants will coming to Canada than leave. You have to get 67 points to come into the country. Also Canada accepts 3 types of immigration -Family class -economic class- and refugee.

Almost around 181300 refuges, 68000 family class, and 29800 economic come to Canada every year.

In 2040 the immigration population is expected to grow to 24%.

Canada demography

The population in Canada compared to India is that India has so much more children and babies. in India there are not many people living over the age of 65, unlike in Canada there are many more people over the age of 65 living in Canada.

Canada's population chart


India's population chart


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Canada vs India 2015 and 2040


Canada is increasing by 276 297(0.79%)

Natural increase: 13.81

net migration: 187 649

growth rate: the growth rate has decreased

Pull factors:

  • Free health care
  • low crime rate
  • many jobs available

Push factors:

  • high taxes
  • cold winters
  • past history

Median age:


  • Total= 41
  • male=40
  • female=42

  • Total= 45-54
  • Male=50
  • Female=50

Fertility rate

  • 2015:1.61%
  • 2040:2.7%

Canada in 2040 will change but not a lot. Younger people now will be paying a lot more taxes. The children that are at the age of 14 will pay more taxes then then how much people pay right now. There will be newer technology and electronics and stuff like that.


The population of india will increase by 16 534 502 people(1.31%) in 2040

Natural increase: 13.81

net migration: 141 828

growth rate has decreased

Pull factors:

  • More fertile land
  • political stability
  • employment

push factors:

  • lack of jobs
  • poverty
  • environmental problems
  • natural disasters
  • and terrorism

Median age:






Total= 43



Fertility rate:





India in 2040 will get a bit more developed. The peoples life expectancy will start to rise and death rates will start to decrease. There will be more jobs that will be available.

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