Assessments and Feedback

Learning Targets

What are they?

- Objective for student learning

- "I can..."

Ideas for you!

- Post and acknowledge targets

- Have students repeat back to you

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Effective Feedback

What is it?

- Response from teacher to student behavior and performance

Ideas for you!

- Specific

- Positive

- Timely

- Reinforce behavior management plan

- BINGO wall

Formative Assessments

What are they?

- informal or formal immediate feedback/evidence used to guide student learning

Ideas for you!

- ticket out the door

- Kahoot

- check for understanding (thumbs up/thumbs down)

- journal response

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Student Assessment


- Reflection

- Checklist


- Partner conference/editing/feedback

- Read to someone

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Summative Assessments

What is it?

- Everything students have learned so far in that unit

Ideas for you!

- Essay

- Presentation

- Rubric-based assessments