Napoleon Bonaparte

Louis croom

Emperor of France

He was born in Corsica,France on August 15,1769.he died at age 51.he went to military school at 9 years old.he became famous for killing 5 million people. He was married twice,and had a child whit his second wife. He was exiled to an island.

Interesting facts

He was very short and that's why now we say a short person has a Napoleon complex.when he was exiled he started to get sick. His body turned female looking and he lost all his hair. He would hiccup for his days. Right before he died he threw up black stuff and laughed crazily.


Napoleon complex: the condition of being small in stature but aggressively ambitious and seeking absolute control

Mutton: the flesh of sheep,especially full-grown or more mature sheep,used as food. Suet: the hard fatty tissue about the loins and kidneys of beef,sheep,etc.,used in cooking or processing to yield tallow.

Memoir: a biography or biographical sketch.

Ornate:embellished whit rhetoric; florid or high-flown

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