Followers called muslims

some of the key beliefs are prayer, Friday prayer at mosque, declaration of faith, and the five pillars of Islam which are faith, prayer, giving, fasting, and pilgrimage to mecca. The sacraments that Muslims celebrate are the five pillars which are stated above. Muslims worship at mosques. Worship leaders for Islam are called Imam. The Islamic holy book is the Qur'an which is the guidance of Mohammed through the angel Gabriel. The holidays that Muslims celebrate Ramadan In which the Muslims celebrate Allah giving Muhammad message and eid al fitr in which Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan with food and drink.The Islamic holy city Is Mecca, Saudi Arabia which is the birthplace of the prophet Mohammed and Islam itself.

Common religious occurrences

With the religions of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism a common figure is Abraham. The common view of god is that there is only one god and he created everything.

Places of Worship

The main place of worship for Muslims is a Mosque.

Worship leader

The worship leader for Muslims is called a Imam.


The Muslims have a crescent symbol.

Holy Book

The Muslim holy book is called Qur'an

holy cities/ places

The town of Mecca, Saudi Arabia is the main holy city for Muslims