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The importance of play

Hello everyone-

I hope that you and your family are all doing well and staying safe. We had much to celebrate this week. We are celebrating the kickoff to Black History Month, Global Day of Play, and World Read Aloud Day. These events brought happiness and fun to our students and staff. It was so nice to have some events to look forward to and enjoy with one another.

Please reach out if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or if we can provide support in any way. Thank you for your partnership in keeping the Robinson community safe.

Take Care-


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This Week's Schedule

Link to our school webpage calendar

Week of February 8th

This week is an A week

Monday, February 8

Students in person learning

KSD Board of Education

The work session is open to the public and will start at 5 p.m held via Zoom at the following link:

Board meeting at 7:00

Tuesday, February 9

Students in person learning

100th Day of School!!! Dress like you're 100 years old:)

PTO Meeting- 6:30 pm via zoom

Wednesday, February 10

Wacky Wednesday Theme- crazy hair day

Students in person learning

Thursday, February 11

Students in person learning

Friendship Parties in the classroom- see info below

Friday, February 12

No School- also no school on Monday

Prop R - Right for Kids, Right for Our Community

A Zero-Tax Rate Change Proposal Would Address Overcrowding, Safety and Security Challenges, and More

Faced with overcrowded classrooms and a lack of adequate instructional space in its schools, the Kirkwood School District Board of Education unanimously voted on Monday, Jan. 25, to place a zero-tax rate change bond proposal on the April 6, 2021 ballot.

The proposal, called Proposition R, is a ballot issue designed to provide the financial resources to address overcrowding and maintain class sizes with additional classrooms, update aging infrastructure and systems, enhance safety and security district-wide, and complete additional needed facility updates. If approved by voters, every building in the District would be improved. Proposition R requires 57.143% voter approval.

Prop R does not include a new elementary school building.

For more information, please visit our website:

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Tuesday the 100th day- Let's Celebrate

Kids & staff can dress up like they're 100.

Please help me collect 100 cards to take Aberdeen Heights residents for Valentine's Day. We'd love to have the kids make them cards to celebrate Valentines and send them some encouragement. Please consider this fun activity to brighten another's day. Thanks!

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February PTO Meeting- Tuesday at 6:30pm via Zoom

Nick Strecker will be presenting about Schoology and answering any questions you may have about it. If you cannot attend but have questions, please email We will be recording this meeting and will post it to the Facebook PTO group. There will be updates about our PTO budget, Robinson Cares Pantry and other PTO committee updates.

Join via zoom

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Friday Zoom Attendance

We have noticed a significant decline in our student attendance and engagement on Zoom on Fridays. Teachers are using time on Fridays to teach essential curriculum that every student needs. If your child needs to take a break, and step away, please encourage them to do so and then return when they're ready to engage in the learning once again. If your child is going to be absent on Friday, please email to let us know (we do take attendance on Friday).

We also know that these are unique times and we want to make sure that if your child is unable to attend on Fridays, they should still work asynchronously via Schoology. We would like to work in partnership with families to ensure that students get 5 full days of learning each week. Please reach out to our counseling department if you need additional support. Thanks for your support!

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Cold Weather Forecast this Week

It is supposed to be very cold this week. We do take kids outside each day for recess even during this cold weather. Please be sure to send winter weather apparel with your child each day to make sure that they are able to stay comfortable during outdoor play. Thanks for your help!
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Candid Photos Needed

Please load candid photos of your child learning at home to this google folder. Please label the photos you upload with your child's name and building (Robinson). Or if you have prints, you can drop them off at the table in the front entrance at Robinson. We will be using these pictures for our yearbook. Thanks!
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School Secretary, Lynn Frierdich is retiring February 25th

Mrs. Lynn Frierdich is retiring at the end of February. We'd love to shower her with notes and cards all month long. Please take some time and write note or have your child make her a card. Simply send it in with your child marked "Mrs. Frierdich"!
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Random Acts of Kindness Week

In celebration of "Random Acts of Kindness Week" (Feb. 14-20), we are asking Kirkwood School District kids to share celebrations and positive thoughts about the teachers and any other staff member in their building. If your child would like to submit a photo or video of a picture drawn, note written, or video message, please also attach (up to 5 attachments). Comments, notes, pictures, and videos collected may be used in an all KSD staff celebration video. Please submit on our "Random Acts of Kindness Week" google form. Thank you for helping us celebrate our staff!

BIG NEWS - Robinson Smart Pack Sale!

Dear Robinson Family & Friends,

What if you could save yourself big money at popular local places, support locally owned businesses AND support Robinson Elementary at the same time?

Now you can!

A Kirkwood family has created the My Community Smart Pack Program, a convenient and new way to raise funds for our schools, support Kirkwood businesses and save you money! Kirkwood High School and Nipher Middle School have been running this program for the past 4 years with great success!

What is a Robinson Smart Pack? Great Question!

Here's what you need to know:

  • A Robinson Smart Pack is a collection of 20 valuable, money saving DIGITAL coupons valid at some of our great LOCALLY OWNED businesses.
  • A Robinson Smart Pack takes less than a minute to purchase and you receive it via email immediately!
  • A Robinson Smart Pack costs $20 and has a total value of over $200! Your purchase pays for itself in only one or two uses!
  • The offers included in the Robinson Smart Pack are VALID UNTIL DECEMBER 31st and almost all of them are valid for Dine-In OR Curbside Pickup!
  • Ronson Elementary receives $10 for each and every Robinson Smart Pack that is purchased.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Click here Robinson Smart Pack
  • Follow the simple instructions to download your Robinson Smart Pack!
  • You will receive your Robinson Smart Pack receipt and personal link within moments of completing your purchase!

Check out a few of these GREAT OFFERS included in the Robinson Smart Pack 2021:

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Online Registration is for New Students Only- if your child is currently enrolled you do not need to complete this even if transitioning to a new building (Nipher or North Kirkwood). Thanks!

Information below is repeated from previous newsletters

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Kindergarten Registration Information

Calling all 2034 graduates...Do you have a neighbor, friend, or family member who needs to register for kindergarten? Now is the time to register for kindergarten for August 2021. Children need to be 5 years old by August 1, 2021, to attend kindergarten for the 2021-22 school year.

To register, visit the District’s website at For online registration, it is recommended that a laptop computer, desktop computer, or tablet device be used to complete your child's registration. Registration using a smartphone is not recommended.

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Robinson Equity Group February Meeting Information- 2/22/21 at 6:30

Thanks to everyone who joined our conversation this week! Our February meeting we will be discussing the podcasts from the New York Times- "Nice White Parents". Click here to access the 5 part series.

Here's the preview:

We know American public schools do not guarantee each child an equal education. Two decades of school reform initiatives have not changed that. But when Chana Joffe-Walt, a reporter, looked at inequality in education, she saw that most reforms focused on who schools were failing: Black and brown kids. But what about who the schools are serving? In this five-part series, she turns her attention to what is arguably the most powerful force in our schools: White parents.

Join Zoom Meeting

Passcode: 548950

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Valentines' Parties at Robinson

Students can make a box or bring one in and can exchange paper notes to one another. As an elementary team, we have decided that all buildings can share the notes, but we will not be having food/candy exchanged for this. Classrooms may have a friendship celebration on February 11th for the last hour of the day. If you would like to donate a package of cards, please send those in with students ahead of time and let their teacher know those are a donation. Thanks!
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Robinson Yearbooks and Yearbook Ads go on sale this week through March 12th

You can order yearbooks and ads online via our website:

or by paper order form which will be going home at the end of the month.

Our ad prices help to reduce the total cost of the yearbooks for families from $13 down to $10. Our add prices are $15 for 1/8 page, $25 for 1/4 page, $50 for 1/2 page and $100 for our full page ads. You may purchase and create your ad through our website link above. This is the first year that the website lets you fully design and create your ad with the layout, fonts, and colors that you prefer.

If you have never seen our yearbook before, watch this quick informational video about our yearbook and see pages from last year's edition.

Introduction video

If you want help navigating our ordering website and want to see where to click to purchase a yearbook, watch this short video.

Purchase Yearbook Video

If you want help navigating our ordering website to purchase an ad, please watch this short video.

Purchase Ad Video

Fifth grade families using the dedication ad builder will need to enter a code upon check-put to receive the 1/8 page ad for free. The code is JR5K8ICQ20 and it is also included in the description of the 1/8 page ad when they are adding it to their cart.

Thank you to PTO for creating and overseeing our yearbook program! We are excited to have the yearbook to remember this historic year. Please reach out to with any questions about our yearbook or ads.