S.S. Project

Where People Live

Where people live in Canada is decided by the climate, trade, and natural resources that are in Canada. The climate in Canada if the most effective way of deciding where people live in Canada. The ranges of Canada's temperatures are from -80 Degrees Fahrenheit to 58 Degrees Fahrenheit. This means that most people live near the US. Boarder because the climate is cooler there. Trade is good for Canada because by the western border you can trade with Asia and Europe, but by the southern border you can trade with the US. The most abundant natural resource is timber. This is why Canada’s primary export is paper.Rivers and lakes in Canada also have an abundant amount of fish. These resources make people mostly live in southern Canada. These reasons are why most Canadians live in southern Canada.
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Quebec's Independance

Quebec's culture is is french, but this is being destroyed. This is why Quebec wants to become independent. The English culture is becoming more "popular" and Quebec is scarred that their French culture will be destroyed. But even if they did become independent they would only have a 50% percent chance that they will survive. If they didn't survive then they would be in debt, and they would be forced to rejoin with Canada.