Material Testing Companies

Material Testing Companies Spreading Wings Online

The Material testing industry is on a hiatus. The surging economy of industries has led them to invest more and better on material testing companies, and there’s no reason not to do so. It has proven beneficial for both, industries and testing companies, for material analysis helps the industries ensure its product’s durability and the testing company also gains business.

Usually, the services provided by the companies include:

  1. Material Composition Analysis: This analysis is done to check for the chemical composition and properties. The various elements tested are metals, alloys, ceramics, minerals, plastic, polymers, slag and rubber.

  2. Metallographic Testing: Every element or metal have microstructural properties. Testing these microstructural properties using light microscopy is called metallographic testing. This test is basically done to examine whether a product will meet the design criteria or not.

  3. Non-destructive Testing: The test where the chemical and physical properties of the material are examined without causing any damage is called non-destructive testing. This has been useful when handling delicate and valuable products. These tests include Radiography, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Liquid Dye Penetration test etc.

  4. Mechanical Testing: To determine the product’s durability, strength and stress resiliency, the mechanical test is conducted. Loads of tension and temperature conditions are showered at the materials to analyze the behavior and shell life.

  5. Failure Analysis: This is probably one of the most important tests. With the help of forensic engineering, it is examined why a product has failed. This test helps the company to draw out the flaws and is most effective when trials are conducted. The damage can be physical or chemical depending upon the product.

Material testing companies use a lot of different equipment catering to the individual requisites of the product. It is imperative that the machines used are top-notch and provide accurate results. Sometimes advanced procedures are also used to determine the shipping, packing and selling testing. With the growing industrialization, the demand for material testing companies has also surged. It doesn’t come as a surprise that even personal testing labs are being set-up and run by the industries itself.