By Austin Weslow

Explain Everything

What you would do on explain everything is well explain what you want to explain then you can press the red circle to record yourself explaining your reason.Some fantastic features in explain everything is the lifesaver which can be used to point at something or circle around something. Explain everything is a great non glitch choice for presenting something or just explaining something to someone.
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Career Locker

Career locker allows you to see a variety of possible jobs and what degree you need for that specific job and were it is located and things like that.Another significant thing about career locker is it shows you available jobs and lets you explore that job to see if that is really the job you want.Finally its just a great website to look at to see some jobs and interesting facts and information about them.
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Haiku Deck

This app is a great way to present your ideas to people to make them aware of something or just for fun.We used this awesome presenting app in our technology call were we had to make it about our dream job and you have to present it to the class.Haiku Deck has lots of cool and awesome features in it to make your presentation that much better.
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With coding you learn what it takes to become a computer coding expert and know how to operate a computer.The app coding lets you code and you do face challenges but it makes it fun it takes challenges and stress and outs it in a fun way.Our technology class used this app for a few weeks and it was awesome now you are a computer expert.
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I trailer

This app lets you make a movie it allows you to make your own movie and it allows you to add your own photos and videos and even lets you name the movie you made.A awesome thing about this app is if you have a dream of designing and making your own movie then this is a perfect thing to use.
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learn to type/typing web

Do you have trouble typing on a key board or are you having problems keeping head up by computer screen no problem for this app.This app lets you type at your own pace it doe time you but only to see how long it takes you to type what it wants you to type.Our technology class used this app and it was awesome really effective way to learn how to type.
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