Jr.High Journal

Norfolk Jr.high

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humpty dumpty

One summer day in the afternoon there was an accident right by the king's castle.

Humpty Dumpty was sitting on a wall and lost his balance and fell. He cracked and all the king’s horse and all the king’s men tried to put Humpty back together again. He went to the hospital and his friends came to see how he was doing. A few days later Humpty was put back together again.

history of cars

the first car was made in 1896 by henry ford. It was the model t.

It only had 20 hp and it could go 45 mph. they had the factory in europe that made the cars. at that time, it was worth only $650-$850, but 15,000,000 of them were sold. it was 1,200 pounds, and it was a four cylinder engine. it was made of wood , brass , iron and leather. it had on the rims, which was spokes .

movie review dumb and dumber

Dumb and Dumber is about a limo driver who gives a lady a ride and she forgets to grab her bag. He tries to get her bags to her, and she gets on a plane and he doesn't get the bags back to her.

He meets a friend and they travel to get her bags back to her, and they wrestle for the bag and it breaks. A lot of money falls out, and they spend it on stuff they don’t need. They go skiing and when they’re on the chairs to go to the top of the mountain. he sees frost and licks it and his tongue gets stuck on the pole. They have to pull his head to get it off. Some people go looking for them and ask for the money, and they give them the bag. They filled it with cards that say “I owe you” and the police get them and they go to jail.

Dumb & Dumber - Wrong way scene
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