Lab Safety

Safety! Safety! Safety!

Understanding Safety

Safety in lab is an important thing in the class. With out safety you would harm and hurt your self from stuff in the lab you don't what they are or what to do. With out safety in the lab you would of have maybe on eye harm and can go blind. Safety is all about keeping kids protected from bad stuff that can happen.

Safe equipment to prevent

Safety has some stuff you can prevent your self from getting hurt or harmed. There are goggles you use to protect you from chemical spills into your eyes. You also use a lab coat to protect you from spills or messes getting on you. One other thing you use are hand gloves, so that you can work and can't get on your skin hands.

Do the right thing and be safe

Be safe at science class and at other places that have to do with experiments.

Do not ever try to do this at home

Do net ever try anything with science or experiment at home that you don't know what would happen.