4h grade teacher, Kallyn Wilkins has noticed that her stuents were sepprating themselfs from the other race. Energy on one side and Carbohydrates on the other.     Kallyn first relized this when they had groups in history class and were learning about people around the world. They were learning about Neculic acids and cells and how they learnd to agree on who had the heredity land. They even learned how they use to be sepprated themself and never could agree on who had the Interpependance land so neither one of them got it.    She found a way to evolve this problome by telling them the story of The  Protine war in 1876, Homeostasis vs. The Lipids.     She had them compaired them self to the lipids and the Homeostasis. They relized that what was goingt on then is still going on now but with another group of people. they relized that they can all get along  even with their differences.