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April/May 2015

Success Starts at Home Parent Program

The parent presentation Success Starts at Home was well received as we had parents from every elementary and intermediate school represented come out for the event. The program featured TxPTA speaker Heather Ashwell-Hair who has been with Texas PTA for over 18 years. Mrs. Ashwell’s presentation focused on family assets: everyday actions that families can take that highlight family relationships, opportunities, values and self-perceptions. The presentation explained the importance of establishing nurturing relationships with your kids by listening carefully and speaking to each other in respectful ways. Also, showing children affection so that kids know that they are loved. Search Institute research reveals that this is an area that most families in the study do pretty well on. Another key asset presented was on establishing routines for your children. Simple things like having a family sit down together for meals regularly, spending time doing fun family activities,

Calling out all PTA clubs from AISD

On April 7, 2015
All AISD Schools were at hand to share their PTA Accomplishments for the school year 2014-2015.
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Volunteer Week


Keeping Up the Digital Generation

Instagram or Vine? 5 Things to Know If Your Kids Are Sharing Videos

If your teen loves to share videos and has a smartphone, there's a good chance he or she has Instagram or Vine -- or both. Here's what you need to know about these two popular social apps.

1. What's the difference between Instagram and Vine?

Instagram (Facebook owns it) was already a popular way for kids and teens to enhance and share photos before video capability was added. Just like with Instagram photos, you can edit and add filters to the 15-second videos (either recorded in the app or pulled from your device). Vine (Twitter owns it) lets you record and share six-second looping videos. On each service, you can follow other users, "like" posts and leave comments, share others' posts, and send direct messages. You can search for posts by user or hashtag.

WAMS Parents of the Month

Attendance Collaborative - Attendance Motion Graphic 1

Attendance Matters

Research shows that students missing 10% of the school year or 2 to 3 days a month in Pre-Kinder and Kinder are not able to master reading by the time they are in 3rd grade, and are at higher risk of dropping out by the time they are in 6th grade. Attendance is an important life skill that is necessary to graduate high school, succeed in college and keep a job. It is important for parents and students to discuss the negative effects of missing school. Following a daily routine of set homework times and a constant bed time will help improve a students' attendance.
I always have to remind people that the biggest ingredient in school performance is the teacher. That’s the biggest ingredient within a school. But the single biggest ingredient is the parent. – PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA APRIL 29, 2009.

Federal Programs: Parent Involvement

Departments and Contributors

Marta L. Salazar - Parent Involvement Coordinator

Mrs. Sandra Smithwick - Parent Involvement Asst.

Mrs. Hope Grove - Parent Involvement Secretary

Federal & Special Programs

Dr. Alma Garcia - Federal Grants, State Grants, Bilingual/ESL Programs, Migrant and Homeless Liaison

Parent Involvement Campus Liaisons

Sandra Smithwick - William Adams Middle School

Barbara Koenning - Hillcrest Elementary

Linda Lee Dominguez - Salazar Elementary

Sandra Ordones - Mary R. Garcia Elementary

Devin Renee Guerra - Schallert Elementary

Noela Garcia Ulloa - Saenz Elementary

Nelda Garcia - Alice High School

Belinda Munoz - Noonan Elementary

Alma DeLa Garza - Memorial Intermediate

Anna Gallegos- Dubose Intermediate