Electrical Safety

By: Alyssa Grinnell and Mitch

What to do and How to Avoid it From Happening.

What should you do to ensure electrical safety? Well you should clean up any water that you see on the counter or floor. This will ensure that water wont get into sockets or on plug-ins so they don't shock you or start a fire. You should also keep an eye on any appliances that are on. If you are to get shocked or an electrical fire was to start, then these are the simple steps you need to do to ensure your safety. First thing you need to do is stay calm and call for help! Trying to put a fire out yourself is really dangerous and can lead to far more problems. If you get burned then put some medicine on the burn so it wont get infected. If you get shocked, then don't try to plug in the appliance again and leave the socket alone.


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